2021 Annual Conference Sponsor In The Spotlight: Arapahoe Community College

Posted: Aug 22, 2021

We'd like to thank Arapahoe Community College for their continued support of CACP. They were a Lunch Sponsor at the 2021 Annual Conference and we are glad they were able to join us!

Many first responders are looking for a cost effective, time efficient, and high-quality educational opportunity that will prepare them for promotion. Arapahoe Community College offers a bachelor of applied science in Emergency Service Administration (ESA) aimed at students with a response background and designed to maximize previous college credit. 

For students with a previously earned associate degree, ACC transfers in 60 credits of coursework towards a bachelor’s, allowing students to begin the program as a college junior.  For students just starting their higher education journey, POST certification counts for 40 credits towards a dual associate’s in law enforcement and bachelor’s in Emergency Service Administration—all offered at a community college tuition rate.  ESA students are commonly balancing life and careers during their studies. Our innovative, accredited, fully online two-year program is designed for flexibility with students’ schedules. 

The curriculum provides students with knowledge and training to be leaders in managing emergencies and crises while preparing them to rise through the ranks of emergency services.  Leadership-based instruction is provided by experienced faculty and instructors representing the broad field of emergency services. 

Take your emergency services career to the next level with ACC’s BAS degree in Emergency Service Administration.