If You Are Not A Current Member, Join CACP Today!

Posted: Aug. 5, 2020

The purpose of CACP is to assist Police Chiefs in providing more effective law enforcement practices in their community. To accomplish this goal, CACP offers members:

  • Annual conferences (members attend at a discounted rate!)
  • Training programs
  • Community forum
  • Board representation
  • Membership directory
  • Legislative information
  • Representation with the International Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Professional Standards Lobbyist representation
  • Law Enforcement Executive Certification
  • A network of law enforcement expertise upon which to draw

We have three membership types.

  • An "Active" member is a current police chief for a Colorado police agency. Annual dues are based on the number of sworn officers on staff:
    • 1-9 sworn officers: $187.50
    • 10-19 sworn officers: $300
    • 20-49 sworn officers: $600
    • 50-75 sworn officers: $975
    • 76 and over: $1,500
  • An "Associate" member is a member of a state, county, municipal, or federal law enforcement agency or division operating within the State of Colorado:
    • $125
  • "Retired" member is a police chief that retired or resigned from a Colorado police agency:
    • $0

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