“Train the trainer” session in Broomfield, CO - Hosted by: Police Executive Research Forum (PERF)

August 31-September 1.

The training will be on PERF’s Integrating Communications, Assessment, and Tactics (ICAT) curriculum, which is about giving police officers and sheriffs’ deputies more options and new skills for handling a wide range of critical situations.

PERF developed ICAT in 2016, with input from hundreds of law enforcement professionals. The fundamentals of ICAT, and how it was created, are detailed in our original ICAT report, which you can find here (https://www.policeforum.org/assets/icattrainingguide.pdf) .

Since ICAT was first released, we have trained many departments (https://www.policeforum.org/icat-agencies) on it across the nation, and now, PERF is launching a series of regional train-the-trainer sessions in different parts of the country.

We’d be pleased if you can join us for this session, which PERF will hold in partnership with the Broomfield, CO Police Department on August 31-September 1. This session is available to law enforcement agencies in Colorado.

This training is being underwritten, so PERF is able to offer it without charge. (Agencies will be responsible for their travel and lodging expenses.)

Registration is limited to no more than two members per agency, as seats are limited.

At this day-and-a-half training session, experienced ICAT trainers will lead an in-depth discussion and demonstration of how to implement the ICAT training program in your agency. There will be detailed discussions on the effective presentation of training content, ways to customize the video case studies and other materials to meet your agency’s needs, and lessons on running and debriefing scenario-based training exercises.


The train-the-trainer session will be a hands-on exploration of all ICAT modules, including a new module on handling Suicide-by-Cop situations, and another new module about “Step Up and Step In,” which is about training officers to exercise leadership and identify best tactics and communications in dynamic situations.


Following the course, participants will be prepared to train their agency’s personnel in ICAT and to facilitate scenarios that develop officer competency using these principles in action.

As PERF as conducted ICAT training nationwide, we’ve learned that it’s critically important for police chiefs to send the right people to our train-the-trainer sessions.


Because ICAT presents entirely new ways of handling many types of situations, we ask that you send people to our session in Broomfield who have the following qualities:

* They should be well-respected informal leaders in your department, with credibility among line officers.

* They should be receptive to implementing new ideas.

* And if they aren’t currently working as trainers, they should be able to be detailed to assist in the training function for as long as it will take to train your department on ICAT.

For those who sign up, PERF will conduct a 30-minute Zoom call on August 6 at 12 noon Mountain Time to brief you on what this training is about, to offer guidance on who you should send to the training, and to answer your questions.

The link to the Friday Zoom call is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83400798515?pwd=eE9wUTFHZW1xNHlvUmVONmt3N1NqUT09

Meeting ID: 834 0079 8515

Passcode: 655319


Information about registering for this ICAT training on August 31-September 1 is below.


Broomfield Police Department Training Center

11600 Ridge Parkway

Broomfield, CO 80021


Tuesday, August 31: 8:30 am-5:00 pm

Wednesday, September 1: 8:30 am-2:00 pm


All participants must register prior to the training date. You can register online at https://www.policeforum.org/broomfieldicat (https://perf.memberclicks.net/index.php?option=com_mcform&view=ngforms&id=2096727) . A printable version of the training announcement is available here. (https://perf.memberclicks.net/assets/Broomfield%202021%20ICAT%20cf%20Aug%204.pdf)

This session is underwritten and available without charge to law enforcement agencies in Colorado. PERF is grateful to the Howard G. Buffett Foundation for supporting PERF’s work in bringing ICAT to police departments and sheriffs’ offices.


No more than two members per agency may register, as seats are limited.


The complete ICAT Training Guide - including sample lesson plans, PowerPoint files, and recommended video case studies - will be emailed to attendees prior to the training.

If you have any questions, please contact PERF Asst. Director of Communications James McGinty at [email protected] or 202-454-8310 or PERF Research Associate Jason Cheney at [email protected] or 202-454-8331.