2021 Annual Conference Sponsor In The Spotlight: FirstNet Built with AT&T

Posted: July 25, 2021

We'd like to thank FirstNet Built with AT&T for its continued support of CACP. They were an Awards Reception Sponsor at the 2021 Annual Conference and we are glad they were able to join us!

Deployables – connecting you to the critical information you need

You know that the ability to communicate is critical – especially during a crisis or a natural disaster.

FirstNet provides the backup you need to stay connected. So, you can coordinate your public safety response during large events and quickly restore access to the voice and data you need in an emergency.

Only FirstNet, Built with AT&T, has dedicated assets to provide fire, EMS, law enforcement and more with unthrottled access to connectivity when and where you need it. This can be in the immediate aftermath of a storm or other disaster, when commercial power and other infrastructure may be down.

With FirstNet you have access to over 100 dedicated deployables – including Satellite Cells on Light Trucks, Satellite Cells on Wheels, Flying Cells on Wings and Compact Rapid Deployables, which are available for purchase. These are mobile cell sites that link to FirstNet via satellite. They don’t rely on commercial power availability. And they provide first responders with connectivity capabilities much like a cell tower.

Agencies on FirstNet can access these resources at no additional charge. And FirstNet handles delivery and maintenance and provides expert staff.

So, while America depends on you to save lives, protect property, and maintain safety and order, you can depend on FirstNet.

Contact your FirstNet Specialist today for more information on ordering a deployable. And see why more than 16,000 agencies and organizations, accounting for 2.5 million connections have already chosen FirstNet for their communication needs.

Go to FirstNet.com for more information on how to request a deployable.