Personnel (Employment) Testing During the COVID-19 Crisis - Best Practices from Stanard & Associates, Inc.

Posted: Apr. 7, 2020

Over the last few weeks, Stanard & Associates have been fielding calls and emails from agencies seeking guidance on how best to move forward with their new hire and promotional testing processes. To help departments, they created an informational piece. Click here to access.

During this time, many departments are finding it critical to keep their staffing levels up during the pandemic and traditional in-person/onsite testing methods are not able to be conducted due to shelter in place restrictions and/or departments closing their facilities to the public. Perhaps the most important take away in the above communication is that last week, Stanard & Associates launched a NEW form of the POST exam (Form E) which is offered exclusively online and allows agencies to provide usernames and password to their candidates via email. With this new form, candidates can take the exam in the comfort of their own home with the tests scored by S&A and results sent to the authorized department contact. This new testing option has been extremely well received by agencies looking for a solution to keep their hiring processes on track.