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Call For Nominations

Posted: April 27, 2017


At the annual conference we will be voting for two board positions; 1st VP and 2nd VP. Chief Hutto, our current 2nd VP, recently announced that he will be stepping down as chief of police in May. His departure leaves the position of 1st VP unoccupied beginning July 1. Per our bylaws, Chief Heberer will be the interim 2nd VP until we vote in a new board member, at which time Chris will resume his position of Secretary/Treasurer. Chris, thank you for your willingness to help out!

The good news is that Chief John Camper (Grand Junction) has been nominated for the 1st VP position and Chief Gary Creager (Broomfield) has been nominated for 2nd VP.  I have spoken with both chiefs and they are willing to serve the CACP in those respective capacities.

For those considering a nomination for either position, please keep in mind that our incoming president is in Alamosa.  The CACP board is in agreement that diverse representation from around our state is the optimum make-up of the board; large and small agencies, rural and urban, etc. That being said, it would be strategically beneficial to have a chief in or near the metro area able to handle CACP business. This will aid board members who are geographically distant from the Metro area to have a board member “close to the action” so to speak. As you consider nominations please keep in mind some the of the travel/logistical requirements of the two open positions.

Therefore, consider this an official call for nominations! If we receive no other nominations for 1st or 2nd VP we will call for vote from the floor during the annual conference. If we receive additional nominations for either or both of the board openings we will follow CACP bylaws in the election process.

My personal thanks to Chief Hutto for your service to the CACP and to Colorado law enforcement. You will be missed in your role in the association!

To Chief Camper and Chief Creager, thank you for your willingness to step up and serve the CACP!

Drop me a line if you have any questions!


Rick D. Brandt
Chief of Police 

Colorado Fallen Hero Foundation Team Raising Funds

President's Challenge

The President of CACP, Gary Barbour, has issued a challenge for every agency to contribute $500, or what they can afford, to the fund for the CFHF. 

By Nick Metz, Chief of Police, Aurora Police Department

The challenges faced by agency heads and departments to honorably memorialize officers who have died in the line of duty, and care for their families and department personnel are daunting. The sad reality is there will be more, and your agency could be next.

The Colorado Fallen Hero Foundation (CFHF), formally the Colorado Line of Duty Death Response Team, will bring together multi-agency professionals with a variety of specialized skills to respond, and assist any organization with a memorial service befitting a hero as needed.


The concept of creating the CFHF was proposed to the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) and County Sheriffs of Colorado (CSOC) recently, and met with overwhelming support. Since that meeting we have accomplished the following:

  • Held an informational meeting for over 40 dedicated law enforcement professionals, representing almost 30 agencies from across the state to establish interest and commitment.
  • Began accepting donations via the CACP, a recognized 501(c)3, who will ensure immediate disbursal of funds when the need occurs to the COLODDRT.
  • Began to establish a leadership board.
  • Coordinated with Washington’s LODDRT, Behind the Badge (BHB) Foundation, to provide two days of training in January of 2017, AT NO COST TO US!
  • An upcoming leadership board meeting will prepare COLODDRT to respond if the need arises.


In order for the CFHF to best support the impacted agency it will require funding. A response to various parts of the state may require things like lodging, food, office supplies, equipment, team shirts, and specialized training. This is where we need your help. I am asking my fellow law enforcement professionals, and your agency to donate what you reasonably can, and if possible, annually.

Thank you to the CSOC and CACP who each have already donated $1,000.00, the Aurora Police Department for donating $1,500.00, and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office who donated $2,500.00.

Please provide the attached donation form to members of your agency, as well as folks within your community and encourage them to donate what they reasonably can. Thank you for your support to this great cause.

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